Education at a Montessori School

The basis of a Montessori education stems from the fact that children love to learn. These schools attempt to surround children with people and environments which can support their development. In this way, they grow up to be responsible, compassionate, and intelligent adults.

Just at the Right Level

All of the activities are created for children at their level and a trained teacher who is known as a guide makes sure that the classroom has just the right environment. In this way, children can do their work independently or in small groups. The guide always makes sure that the interests and needs of all of the children are met and their lessons reflect these interests. The prepared classroom environment always captures the imagination of elementary level children and attracts their reasoning minds. Once a child has learned that their creativity will be appreciated they are willing to go the extra length to excel in all they attempt to do.

The Work is Always Purposeful

Purposeful work means responding to the child’s inner nature and engaging them in hands-on activities. It all depends on the ages of the children. The age of each child is taken into consideration and the activities correspond to what the child is capable of doing at a certain age. It is all purposeful and meant to open up the creativity of a child’s mind. Once the imagination gets stimulated a child is capable of amazing things and thus learns more than just through book learning.

About the Montessori Method

The Montessori Method of Education was developed by Maria Montessori. This is a child-centered approach that is based on scientific observation of children. It has been in use for more than 100 years in many different parts of the world. It attempts to develop children physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. The education takes children from pre-school and kindergarten to elementary and on to middle and high school. Some of the best school’s you can find Montessori saint paul mn.

Out-Performing Graduates From Traditional Schools

Dr. Montessori’s philosophy was based on the science of life. When put in the right environment children naturally have the ability to know what to do. They also become more aware of their surroundings becoming more creative and having the drive for exploration.

Some of the Drawbacks

Scientific research has confirmed that Montessori educated children have an advantage not only academically but also in their social and emotional development. Montessori schools are mostly private so parents must consider the cost of getting their child educated. If for some reason a child must drop out and go to a traditional school the transmission for them might be traumatic. Most of the children in Montessori schools achieve a level at their age and grade which is beyond that in regular schools so it can also become a problem when trying to place such a child back into the regular school system. So it is important to take everything into consideration before placing a child in a school offering a Montessori education.